Full Moon in Leo

Alexis Marie
2 min readFeb 16, 2022
Image by Kirsten McKinzie @Midnightmoonvisuals

“The thing about chaos, is that while it disturbs us, it too forces our hearts to roar in a way we secretly find magnificent” — Christopher Poindexter

This Leo Full Moon is activating so much within our collective and within ourselves. It may feel like chaos around us, so we have to really, really tune into what is going on within ourself.

The New Moon in Leo occurred on August 8th, on Lion’s Gate, where seeds of passion were planted. It’s always amazing to look back at how far we’ve come, what has grown, what has come to fruition and what has fallen away. We’re at the halfway point of this cycle, peaking with this full moon, but in no way is it fully complete.

If we’re listening and allowing life to flow through us there is a blooming in this full moon, a birthing of our potential. If we are ignoring our deepest calls, there is a building of pressure, like a pipe ready to burst. We have a choice, always, and no matter where we are there is no judgment in that, only information and clues as to what comes next.

The Sun and Moon are aspecting the North & South Node in a powerful Grand Cross. It’s poking at all of our edges, but we get to choose whether we lean into the expansion of where we’re headed or the fear of uncertainty and the unknown. It’s igniting desires and passions, illuminating the truth of what we came here to evolve and grow through.

The Venus & Mars conjunction occurs just hours before the peak of the Full Moon. It’s the Sacred Union of these two cosmic lovers, coming together to create. They first came together on July 13th in Leo, so with this second conjunction there’s a deepening in, committing to and understanding our desires in a whole new way. The third conjunction occurs on March 6th, as the final piece before the Venus/Mars cycle can really take off. Now is the time to hold your desires with the upmost passion, love and curiosity.

With Magdalene and Hekate illuminated in a trine of fire, there is a deep call from the Divine Feminine to connect to our magic, our bodies, our sensuality, the deep knowings in our bones. We cannot create what we truly want if we aren’t connected to our bodies, to the subtle messages it is constantly communicating to us.

We have to slow down in order to listen, we have to learn to listen to our bodies and to trust ourselves above all else.

Full Moon occurs at 28° Leo on Feb 16th at 11:56am EST