New Moon in Aries: Creating New Pathways

Alexis Marie
3 min readMar 31, 2022


Image by Kirsten McKinzie Midnightmoonvisuals

The first new moon of the astrological year holds strong revitalizing energy. It’s the chance for a fresh start, paving the way for new growth. This New Moon in Aries aspecting Mercury, Chiron and Persephone is setting the stage for deep healing and a complete system reboot.

Chiron brings deep medicine. He brings awareness to our deep wounds, because through awareness we can heal. He truly wants us to heal. That’s the main reason our triggers, frustrations or old patterns come up — to see them, release them and replace them with a new belief or thought patten aligned with the vision of what you want in your life. The new belief is the medicine. But you have to keep taking the medicine as directed for the full course of treatment, which means continuing to align and re-patten your thoughts with the new belief, not the old. You quite literally create new neural pathways.

“As patients participate in new activities, they are training their brains to create new neural pathways. The pathways get stronger with repetition until the behavior is the new normal. In terms of repetition, it is estimated that it takes 10,000 repetitions to master a skill and develop the associated neural pathway.” — Julie Hani, The Neuroscience of Behavior Change

It takes continued effort, but when you’re focused on what you would love, the vision for your life and your desires, it’s an easy medicine to take. And it can be fun, energizing and nourshing.

Persephone leads us into deeper healing, bringing a depth of truth and lessons in uncovering your most vulnerable self, while simultaneously stepping into your radiance and power, releasing the victim mentality. It’s time to stop seeing yourself as a tiny helpless human in the waves of a powerful Universe and start connecting to this powerful source inside of you.

You are powerful beyond measure, you are a co-creator of your life and you are not a victim to your circumstances.

If you whole heartedly believed you could have everything you desire, how would you act? What would you spend your time doing? Where would you focus your energy? Start doing those things now.

We need to be so aware of where we’re focusing our attention. Every challenge you face is not some external circumstance happening to you, it’s actually the exact and perfect medicine to help you see the discrepancy between your current beliefs and your desires.

We’re seeing all these pieces now because in April and May we will experience the first eclipses of 2022. These are powerful times of change and transition, making way for all that we desire. Start creating those new pathways now, so that you’re in an open state of receptivity and trust, for everything you desire to come pouring in. It’s hovering, just waiting for you to be ready.

New Moon occurs at 11° Aries on April 1st at 2:24am EDT

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