New Moon in Cancer: Diving Into the Depths

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We have back-to-back Cancer new moons this season. The first was a new moon (solar) eclipse on June 20/21, and this new moon on July 20/21 is the second. It’s an encore, a reminder of what came up during the last new moon, and that we aren’t done quite yet. The doors are wide open for ancestral healing and shadow work during this new moon. Getting really raw and honest can help you to move forward with less entanglements from the past.

Cancer is a sign of our ancestors, our roots. We come into this life carrying more than just our own baggage. We carry the weight of those who have walked before us, along with their wisdom and loving support. We have to work to heal the baggage before we can reach the deeper gifts of our ancestral lineage. I don’t think it is a coincidence that we get a double dose of Cancer, reminding us to pay attention to our wounds and deeply ingrained patterning that affects us on an emotional level.

Part of our Soul’s journey is to heal and break free of the stories and false beliefs that weigh us down. We can’t be our fullest selves if we don’t heal the parts of us that need healing. And there’s lots of healing energy in this new moon. Chiron, the wounded healer, has just gone retrograde. With an activating Mars nearby, core wounds are highlighted. The new moon is also aspecting the asteroid Isis, Egyptian goddess of healing and magic. She holds big mystical mother energy, which is the perfect counterpart to Chiron’s medicine man. Both are pointing to healing, with the potential for big medicine if we are willing to go there.

Healing is a deep dive into Self. It’s looking at all the shadowy bits, all the things we don’t want to see about ourselves, and having the guts to go there. To stop placing the blame outside ourselves. Relationships and external situations can push us to see things we never could have on our own, but ultimately we are co-creators in everything we experience. We choose to repeat patterns, to play out the same stories again and again.

Once we choose to face our wounds, then we can begin to truly heal. Our wounds won’t have power over us anymore, we won’t live from a place of wounding. Instead, we’ll be free.

I wrote this the day Chiron stationed retrograde:

It’s brave what you do, peeling back all the layers, feeling that much, looking into all the dark corners of your inner world. It’s not easy, in fact it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do. To go that deep, to break and fall apart when all you really want is to be put back together. But you go, one layer deeper, because you know it’s the only way.

It’s ok to not have it all together. We don’t have to hold ourselves together 24/7. There are forces bigger than ourselves, that can hold us. And they are always, always there. They want to help us heal, but it has to be our choice, we have to say yes.

The new moon occurs on July 20 at 1:33 PM EDT.



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