New Moon in Pisces

Alexis Marie
2 min readMar 2, 2022


Image via Unsplash by Anastasia Taioglou

It’s a time to go within, the dark moon urging us to take care, to plant the seeds of our desires and to listen, deeply. This new moon is the fertile ground we have been waiting a long time for. Everything is about to expand, so where you focus your intention matters, what you give your power to matters.

It feels like the volume has been turned up on everything, and it will only continue. So the key is to be able to listen deeply amidst the chaos. To actually use all that is going on around you as fuel. Spiritual bypassing won’t work. Pretending you are not a part of the whole won’t work either.

That is the message of Pisces — we are not separate. It is the root of all suffering, the idea that we are separate from each other, from the earth, from the Divine. The deeper we fall into this illusion, the more painful life becomes. Because no amount of money, or ego based power, or status can ever heal this wound.

So what can we do?

We can practice connecting to that power within us, that power that is not our ego, but something much greater. We can commit to releasing the ego’s grip on everything that keeps the illusion of separation alive. We can practice finding our center in the moments that don’t feel so calm, when we’re frustrated, scared, overwhelmed. Especially in these moments.

We find ways back to ourselves, to our breath, to our bodies, to that calm, still voice, that tells us exactly what we need. And then we listen. Whatever it is, we follow.

As we inch closer and closer to the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in April I’m seeing with more clarity how this is about realizing our dreams not from an ego level, but from a soul level. And this new moon in Pisces is blowing the door wide open for us to release anything holding us back from the truth.

The ideas, inspirations, even frustrations you are experiencing now are coming to you for a reason. Allow your actions to be guided by your deeper knowings, lean into the mysteries, stand in your power. What is about to unfold is nothing like we’ve ever seen.

New Moon occurs at 12° Pisces on March 2nd at 12:34pm EST



Alexis Marie

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