New Moon in Virgo: The Healing Elixir

This New Moon in Virgo is an invitation to get really clear on what you want and what needs to heal in order for that to happen. We have Mercury Retrograde in Libra at the end of the month, so we’ll have plenty of time to reflect on what inwardly needs to shift so that as we begin big forward motion in October, we’re ready to take that next big leap.

As Mercury enters his pre-shadow period we’re in an information gathering phase. It’s the first pass where we begin to see what we will be working with over the next 8 weeks, particularly around relationships and inner union.

How can we connect so intimately with ourselves, that we become the love that never wavers and never abandons?

It’s starts within ourself, everything we could possibly desire, begins within.

Want more intimacy and trust in your relationship? Create that intimacy within yourself. Each time you say you’re going to do something and then break that promise to yourself, or say yes when you want to say no, you create distrust in your system.

Want more abundance? Look at where you hold old beliefs of scarcity or unworthiness.

Each and every external desire is rooted in some deep internal belief. It’s never about grasping or fixating on the external, it’s actually about focusing inward, healing and opening our ability to receive from within.

This New Moon is aspecting the planet Uranus, the Great Awakener, illuminating the truth of what we want like a lightning bolt. It’s there, loud and clear, but may be clouded by uncertainty, fear and doubt. We’re often terrified of actually receiving what we want.

Crazy I know, but it’s true. We block our own desires because a part of us isn’t ready to receive what is ours. If we were fully open and ready, we’d already have it.

Logically it may not make sense, but we’re talking about deep, unconscious patterns, driving us without us even knowing. The good news is once it comes to the surface, no matter how much fear or anxiety it’s wrapped in, we have the choice to dive in, uncover and heal this old belief or pattern.

It’s a time to get clear and grounded in ourselves, strengthening our inner knowing, healing anything and everything that is ready to be healed. It may feel as if the world is trying to knock you off center, but it’s not to make you struggle, it’s actually to make you stronger, so that you can stand so firmly in what you know to be to be true.

Anchor into your desire, even if it feels like the tiniest piece of truth inside you. It will grow, in time.

New Moon occurs at 14° Virgo on Sep 6th at 8:51pm EDT



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