Embodied & Ecstatic Living

Alexis Marie
3 min readMay 16, 2022


Image by Shannon Ferguson via Unsplash

“How can you talk about pleasure and ecstasy when there is so much suffering and chaos in the world?”

That’s the exact reason why it’s so important. To live an embodied and ecstatic life means you feel ALL the feelings… it’s not about bypassing and trying to feel joy and bliss 24/7 or pushing down the “negative” emotions. It’s about being here for all of it… all. of. it.

You begin to have more empathy, more compassion. You start to see things differently and what’s important to you becomes more and more clear. Life takes on a new vibrancy.

The more you open to the full vibrancy of life, the more it ignites within you your passions, your mission, your gifts to share with the world. That may involve healing, activism, innovating new ideas, building community, inspiring, teaching, leading or something else all together… and imagine what that would look like if everyone was fully awake to the full potency of life, living in this way, driven by their passions over anything else.

Imagine how much more empathy and compassion we would have. Imagine how much more connected and awake we would be to each other and the world around us. Imagine how the world would vibrate at a completely different frequency, nourishing us in ways we have never experienced. Image the things we would create, imagine the wild possibilities that would pour through our minds, our hearts, our hands.

And this is why I’m so passionate about embodied and ecstatic living, because it is where we’re headed. It’s what’s missing and it’s what’s needed. And yes, in the process you get to experience the most wild and amazing and truly fulfilling moments. You learn to slow down, to savor each moment with a new depth of gratitude.

As you focus on what lights you up, you have more time and energy to focus on what’s important to you, what actually energizes you and what’s draining begins to fall away because it gets so very loud that it does not bring you fulfillment and expansion.

I believe we aren’t spending enough time doing what we love, what truly fills us and nourishes us — the things that strengthen our inner resolve, give us more energy to do what we came here to do and allow us to experience the full vibrancy of life.

Often we have no idea the depth of our potential, we spend so much time and energy on what we “need to do,” that we have almost no time for what we really LOVE, what lights us up and truly sparks that inner flame of passion and vitality.

It should be the other way around, and I believe we’re making our way there, where we are driven by our passions and spend virtually all of our time in a space that is nourishing, fulfilling and revitalizing so that we have more energy to do what really matters to us. To really enjoy life, be present for each moment and have the time and energy that allows our daily lives to be so much more ease-filled.

And through this process, as you’re sharing your vibrancy with those around you — your friends, co-workers, family, your community — you create a ripple. Others start to see that it’s possible to live this way, and they start opening to their gifts and their deeper desires.

You start by doing it for yourself and the rest unfolds naturally, but the power of the ripple is not to be underestimated.

It’s time to turn up the dial on your passions, ignite that inner fire, turn up the vibrancy on life — the world needs it.

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Alexis Marie

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